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Welcome to M&G Gas
Residential & Commercial Propane Service & Delivery in Southeast Missouri
M&G Gas is a locally owned and operated propane service provider located in Glen Allen Missouri. Our services are available to residential as well as commercial establishments looking for a timely and convenient solution for their propane needs.
With an emphasis on excellent customer service, on-time delivery and competitive prices, we've managed to build long-term relationships with our customers - and a reputation for excellence along the way.
Residential Propane

Propane… Affordable, Reliable Energy Choice for Your Home

M&G Gas provides full residential propane services to thousands of people throughout Southeast Missouri. Whether it's helping you get dinner on the table, keeping you warm through a cold winter, or making sure your morning shower is a warm, you can depend on M&G Gas for all your propane needs. We offer a variety of tank types, sizes and installation options to fit your needs. Our fleet of  propane delivery trucks provides reliable delivery to keep your home properly supplied with propane. M&G Gas’s propane experts take pride in on-time deliveries, competitive pricing and safe operations in all aspects of residential propane services and deliveries.
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